Chris was introduced to the art of Turntablism at the age of 14. “I still remember the first day my older brother brought home the Gemini PT 2000’s and the PMX 16 Scratch Master. He showed me how it worked, and I was hooked!”

In a day and age where anyone with a laptop and an iTunes account can call themselves a “DJ”, Chris takes pride in continuously learning about the art form from some of the greats.

“I try to keep the attitude of ‘student first’. There are so many talented DJs out there, and it’s cool to see how the game is constantly changing as technology improves. You can always learn new things, it’s never ending. I would say the DJs I look up to the most are Precision, A-Trak, Craze, QBert and the entire beat junkies crew, but there are so many that are impressive.

Chris is a member of the East Coast DJ Crew “Table Manners” (, was an instructor @ Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles, and is currently an instructor at Musicians Institute.

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