While Musicians Institute has successfully launched the careers of aspiring DJs and mixers in our DJ Performance and Production Certificate program, we are proud to announce an additional avenue that students can take on their musical journey. MI is soon to launch the new Certificate of Electronic Music Production, which, unlike the DJ program, will focus completely on the production aspect of electronic music.

The certificate program is the ideal choice for students who want to be involved in the process of creating the electronic music, leading to careers as producers, beat makers and more. The EMP program will include more advanced curricular requirements in areas like musicianship and keyboard skills, sound design & synthesis, beat-making, plugin processing, and mixing and mastering.

Helmed by our top music production instructors, students will be offered production advising, an in-depth look at their development in electronic music styles, specifically. If you have dreams of making electronic music in all its iterations, check out how the Certificate of Electronic Music Production can help you get there!

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