It’s Halloween at Musicians Institute! The best way we can think to celebrate these two things is to highlight some of our favorite rockstars who like to take their stage personas into the creepy realm with masks, costumes and sometimes (a lot of times) gore. Unlike most of us, these spooky artists don’t have to wait for October 31 to be absolutely frightening.


This list wouldn’t even be possible without the patron saints of gory, terrifying stage antics.


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#FBF 1977 #KISS #Japan

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Those giant curled smiles? No, thank you.


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We love a band committed to a look.

Alice Cooper

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I love the dead before they rise.. #alicecooper

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Alice Cooper makes every girl with running mascara feel alright about their look.


Sweden’s GHOST look ready for the scariest Eyes Wide Shut themed Halloween party.


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📡 #buckethead #kfc #funeral

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The white mask and KFC bucket. We don’t have any words for it.

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie also loves and makes horror films, so it only makes sense.

Marilyn Manson

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Glad to be back in Germany!!!!!!!!!!

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Marilyn Manson: every parents’ worst nightmare since the ’90s.

Did we miss any of your favorite masked bands? Let us know!

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