David Maddux is Fender Musical Instruments Corporation’s senior quality assurance technician.

Based at the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, Calif., Maddux is responsible for ensuring that Custom Shop instruments meet exacting quality standards and customer expectations. In this capacity he has traveled extensively, training staff and conducting quality assurance audits at European and Asian FMIC manufacturing facilities. In Corona, Maddux also inspects Jackson® and Charvel® instruments.

Maddux’s role is one that calls on his years of practiced expertise in guitar construction and manufacturing processes. Indeed, he is capable of building a guitar from scratch, a skill he also brings to the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, where he teaches evening classes in guitar construction (many of his students have become FMIC employees).

Maddux also enjoys the distinction of being one of the longest-serving Fender employees. He joined the company in January 1974, painting bodies and necks for two years before moving to final guitar assembly as an instrument tuner/tester. Around 1980, Maddux moved to the quality department, where he remains today.

When Fender moved from Fullerton, Calif., to Corona in 1985, Maddux helped set up the new factory and learned how to run every machine on the mill floor. He was also among a crew of four that built a dozen guitars a day at the then-new facility.

An accomplished musician, Maddux played in an all-Fender-employee band called Nebula. He holds a California state vocational school teaching certificate and is a trained photographer whose images have often been used in connection with Fender manufacturing and sales. He lives in Irvine, Calif.

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