Singaporean singer-songwriter, Tanya Chua, enrolled into the demanding guitar program at Musicians Institute (formerly known as Guitar Institute of Technology) in Los Angeles as a young musician.
Tanya told us of how her education at MI influenced her career after graduation,

“[MI] gives you the guys to play with as musicians, to learn how to read from them, listen to them, to read off of each other…that whole chemistry thing. It really benefited me in a lot of ways…Every musician should know about MI.”

She has released multiple albums in both English and Mandarin, won the Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer three times and won other numerous awards in Asia. Tanya has also written for well-established artists like Sammi Cheng, Stefanie Sun, Gigi Leung, Na Ying and A-Mei.

Read Tanya’s interview with MI on our blog here: https://www.mi.edu/in-the-know/tanya-chua-recounts-career-journey-musicians-institute/

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