Guitarist Pete Thorn came to MI in September 1990 and finished a full year course in the guitar program. After graduation, he joined the LA-based band Surreal McCoys who signed with Sony Music Japan and his connection with Frank Simes, the lead singer, allowed him to be introduced to many other working musicians. The following years saw him in and out of bands, and his credits soon included touring and recording with Grammy-winning artist Robi Draco Rosa, Jewel and Courtney Love of Hole.

In 2006, Thorn started working with Linda Perry and played on tracks from a diverse range of artists, such as James Blunt, Daniel Powter, Alicia Keys, Pink, and many others. Pete can also count legendary artists like Don Henley, Chris Cornell and Melissa Etheridge as some of his regular tours and collaborators. He is also gaining a big audience through his YouTube channel, where he posts gear demos and lessons, and videos with over 22 million combined views!

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