Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Niko has been crafting music most of his life. He felt the connection to music early on, citing his father’s alternative music tastes as a big inspiration and influence on him. At the early age of 16, is when he decided to take his skills in music seriously and started producing music under his own name. Although he got an early start to his own music, he felt that he needed more guidance and support for his career and decided that MI was the right place for him.

In September of 2016, Niko moved to Los Angeles to study at Musicians Institute, completing a certificate in the DJ and Production program, as well as the Independent Artist Program. Niko says he learned from MI,

“When expressing music you have to stay true to your own vision and not fall in the path of someone else’s opinion so that you lose yourself in it.”

Since then, Niko has released songs under Labels such as Mind Over Matter and LuPS records. On the side, Niko has made music and scored for commercials like RFSU and TV-shows such as 30 Degrees in February.

During the time in Los Angeles is when Niko met duo partner, Christoffer Johansson and they founded PANORAMA BLVD. The duo recently dropped a remix of the Chainsmokers which was supported by their team and as of May 2018, reached nearly 14k streams on Soundcloud and plenty of praise. The duo is currently working on riding the wave of their first remix and looking to the future of Panorama Blvd.

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