Line Sorensen, also known as Bassline, is a Danish bass player who’s known for her strong sense of feel and “locked pocket”. She was always surrounded by music while growing up, and eventually gravitated toward the bass guitar, where she has focused ever since. After finishing high school, Line knew she wanted to study music and researched until she found MI and she enrolled in the Summer Shot program to try it out. Two years later in 2012, she moved to L.A. to begin the Bachelor of Music in Bass Performance program.

Since graduating, Line has performed and toured at famed venues around the U.S. and Europe, and made appearances on big television show, such as The Ellen Show. She has gone on tour with Zendaya and performed with America’s Got Talent winner Bianca Ryan and rock band, Lost In Atlantis, amongst others. Line can currently be found as the bassist for Canadian rock artist Billy Raffoul, who’s signed to Interscope Records. After her time at MI, Line has some advice for students who wish to become professional musicians,

“Don’t ever think you’re too good to learn something from somebody beneath your level of musicianship…That lesson has kept me humble on my journey with many artists, who were all on various creative levels. Stay hungry for knowledge, because you always have more to learn!”

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