Ian Monat received a Certificate in Bass Performance at MI in 2003, and after graduating, he continued to play for dozens of bands over the course of two decades. While his performance career was successful, Ian decided to explore another side of the music business and he launched Slash Chord, an app that would aid musicians in learning music theory- the easy way.

Ian was inspired to create the app game after he encountered so many musicians during his career that didn’t know any theory. He felt that even the best players could benefit from learning the building blocks of music. He wrote on Slash Chord’s official website, “Everyone who works on Slash Chord is a musician and we’ve designed a game that not only will teach you about the notes, chords and chord progressions in your favorite songs, but we’ve done it in a manner you’ll find fun and addicting. We hope you can apply the content found in Slash Chord to your own musical endeavors, thanks so much for playing, and rock on.”

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