In high school, Dolores Catherino was a woodwind (sax, flute, clarinet) and keyboard multi-instrumentalist. Dolores began studying the guitar and fretless bass about 20 years ago and it opened her ears up to the compromises of equally tempered keyboards and fretted guitars.

She attended the Encore program at Musicians Institute from 1999 through 2000. Dolores credits the program in helping her progress her study of keyboards, midi/technology, jazz improvisation, bass and guitar, and attend some amazing special lectures. Dolores said of her time at MI,

“Dan Gilbert was formative to my understanding of the guitar in his approach toward guitar technique as an overlapping geometry of fretboard ‘shapes’. This was a fundamentally different perspective from my prior woodwind and keyboard studies. It was this diversity that enabled me to create a technical system for the new keyboard controller designs to come.”

Since her time at MI, Dolores has become known as a microtonal composer and multi-instrumentalist at the forefront of exploring the future of music. In 2016, her expertise led her to host a popular TEDx Talk on the concept of polychromatic music, and exploring how music would sound with 106 notes per octave.

Her innovation in music recently garnered her a Rasmuson Foundation Artist Fellowship in Music Composition. With the Rasmuson fellowship, Dolores plans to begin new explorations in utilizing the voice and chromatic acoustic/electronic instruments in polychromatic compositions.

Her TEDx talk on Music of the Future:

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