Through The Lens is our weekly series where we highlight current students and faculty, capture them on campus and ask them about their inspirations, advice and beyond.

Describe the moment/s when you knew that you wanted to study music further.
I started when I was 11 years old, and I remember that it was all about Iron Maiden and Europe DVDs. I also played in a band with my friends at that time. In high school, I decided to study music. Then I heard about MI which immediately sounded like something I wanted to do, but never really thought was possible back in Sweden. I later discovered that it was and took the chance.
If you could only play one piece of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Man, maybe “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. It encompasses a lot about what I love about guitar.
Which artist, band or composer would you most want to meet and collaborate with? Why?
There are so many! John Mayer would be really cool, his feel and musicality in his playing is something I really admire. Brad Paisley as well. I would also enjoy collaborating with someone like Bruno Mars or Ariana Grande [because] I think her powerful voice together with more guitars could be really cool, and Bruno Mars’s groovy nature would be excellent together with some funky guitar.
 What the most important lesson you’ve learned at MI so far? What has surprised you the most about MI?
To always keep going! And sometimes realise that you have to take things slow and build them up. What surprised me the most is probably the range of all the guitar instructors, I feel like I can get expert level advice in just about any genre.
What is your favorite music memory?
I got to go up and Jam with Jeremy Colson and Philip Bynoe from Steve Vai’s band along with Nili Brosh a couple of months ago. [They were] such amazing people and getting to be Vai for a bit was pretty awesome.

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