Student Affairs

The Student Affairs office offers a multitude of services and strategies to help students overcome any challenges they may face during their time at MI. These services and strategies include:

  • Personal Counseling – Assistance is available in resolving personal difficulties or adjusting to campus life. Students can meet one-on-one with a counselor, and all conversations are confidential. Our staff counselor is available weekly, free of charge, for half-hour and hour-long sessions.
  • Health & Wellness – Information is provided on nearby medical clinics, doctors, and hospitals for students’ physical and mental health needs. Free yoga/meditation classes open to all students.
  • Tutor Scheduling – Students who would like additional academic assistance may submit a tutor request form to the Student Affairs Office. Tutor sessions are provided free of charge, and tutors will be assigned based on their availability, and the sessions are arranged around the tutor and student’s schedules. Tutors and students will meet for a one-hour session, once a week, for two weeks. Additional sessions may be requested after completing the second session. After the student confirms the tutor session, attendance is mandatory unless the student notifies the tutor coordinator in advance. Students who miss a tutor session without giving prior notification will be temporarily prohibited from requesting tutor sessions.
  • Academic Appeals & Changes – Assistance is provided with certain academic-related processes like final grade appeals, incompletes, course load adjustments, formal complaints, or changes of enrollment status, such as a withdrawal or leave of absence.


Assistance is via appointment only. Click HERE to schedule.

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