MI Select & MI Select Express

MI Select & MI Select Express (formerly known as “Encore” and “Encore Express”) are non-certificate programs designed to provide students with “a taste of MI” as an alternative to enrolling in full-time degree or certification programs in the School of Performance Studies. Students can create their own customized schedule from available classes and workshops, while enjoying access to the music library, special guest clinics, extra-curricular activities, and other industry networking opportunities.

Enrollment is available at the beginning of any quarter, and may be repeated for additional quarters. During an initial evaluation, MI faculty will discuss each student’s specific needs and goals, before providing a list of available courses* that match their experience and skill levels. ​​

MI Select includes:

  • A full or part-time/10-week schedule (1-15 units)
  • 24-hour General Access** to MI’s rehearsal facilities

MI Select Express includes:

  • A full-time/5-week schedule
  • 24-hour General Access** to MI’s rehearsal facilities

International students: please note that only a tourist visa is required to enroll in MI Select & MI Select Express.

*Course offerings and specific instructors vary by Quarter, and some courses are not available for MI Select enrollment.

**General Access to the main school facilities depends on the number of courses that a student enrolls in. Access may not include program-specific areas such as vocal labs or drum labs. See official MI Catalog for enrollment status guidelines.


  • MI Select & MI Select Express are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Students are entitled to receive only the curriculum materials that are applicable to their official MI Select courses.
  • MI Select & MI Select Express students are responsible for all applicable fees (see “Tuition and Fees” section for details).
  • Courses taken during an MI Select or MI Select Express session do not earn course credit. Attendance or completion of any course does not guarantee subsequent advanced placement in any of MI’s Certificate or Degree programs.

For more information about MI Select & MI Select Express, contact:

Phone: 1-800-255-7529 (Toll Free) or 323-462-1384 (Local and International)


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