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Application for Admission

application-web-iconInterested in taking the next step? MI’s Application for Admission includes information about audition requirements, SAT & TOEFL Scores and more.

Questions? Contact Admissions.

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FAFSA Tip Sheet

fafsa-key-realty-school-needFAFSA Tip Sheet: MI is committed to helping students with every available financial aid opportunity.

Click here for instructions on filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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Housing Guide

housing-guide-icon-2016Our Student Housing Guide provides information and assistance regarding apartment rentals, rental agreements, renters’ rights, finding roommates, budgeting for food, utilities, telephone services, where to shop, and how to get around the city.

International Student Information

international-resources1intl-sof-iconAs an international student at Musicians Institute, you will not only receive an excellent contemporary music education but also enjoy the opportunity to build professional and personal relationships that last a lifetime.

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Parking Around MI

Parking Around MI: Please see the PDF for parking locations and prices.

Metered and unmetered street parking is also available on the surrounding streets.

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Guitar Craft Map

Map To Guitar CraftParking Around MI Guitar Craft Building.

Metered and unmetered street parking is also available on the surrounding streets.

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MI Brochure

Why MI?

Take a brief look at MI’s Academic Programs and get acquainted with MI’s educational philosophy and hands-on approach to music education.

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Guitar Craft Academy Brochure

Guitar Craft AcademyMI’s Guitar Craft program offers comprehensive training in guitar design, construction and maintenance of both electric and acoustic guitars.

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The Book


Student guide to local resources. Local listings with general information, musical needs, venues, and other sights & sounds.  

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Transcript Request Form

transcript-requestUse this form to request an official transcript. Click Here For more information on Administrative Fees.

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Certificate and/or Degree Request Form

cert-deg-requestUse this form to request an official Certificate or Degree.

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Student Support Center Brochure

Student Support Center BrochureThe Student Support Center (SSC) can help students with Student Affairs, Career Development, Alumni Engagement, Internship Placement and Assistance, Housing, International Student Affairs, and more!
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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook gives a detailed description of campus facilities, resources, policies and regulations. Please contact for questions.
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Ebook: Want A Career In The Music Industry?

ebook1-web-imageWant A Career In The Music Industry? Click to find out 6 things you should consider before starting your path to success.


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Ebook: The Business of Music


Click to find out 9 things you need to know about the Business of Music.


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What the Modern Musician Needs to Know

info2-web-imageIf you want to be heard in today’s music industry, you need to learn how to perform with hi-tech gear, produce tracks with the latest software and promote yourself on social media. Here’s how you can get started.


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Genre Diversity in Music: Why It’s a Must

info3-web-imageWant to make it big in the music industry? Choose a music college that encourages you to study as many genres as you can.


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Ebook: The Beginner’s Survival Guide to Touring

ebook3-web-imageClick to find out what you need to know before hitting the road.

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Campus Safety


Campus Safety is our #1 priority.

Whether you grew up in Los Angeles, or are moving here from a different country, MI wants to make sure you stay safe.

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MI Course Catalog


Get the details in our Course Catalog! Program requirements, tuition for individual programs, course information and faculty bios can all be found here.

Click here to download the 2016 & 2017 Course Catalog PDF.

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